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Module 17. Anglais commercial

Anglais commercial

* This reference is for the trainees who are studying commerce in our institutes. But other trainees from other fields of study can read it and develop their english level.
* This reference is intended mainly for intermediate rainees (those who have already studied the basic grammar of english.
* This reference is not suitabble for elemntary trainees who have problems with grammar. This category of trainees is required to ameliorate their level of the english language in order t be able to accompany the general interrmediate level required from all the trainnees.
* The content of the refernce is rich of many topics which help the trainees to build an to enrich their english vocabulary in general and the business vocabulary in particular.
 * Trainees should prepare the lessons before coming to the classroom.They are required to take enough time to read, to do research to ask questions and to try to find answers many times.
* Trainees should not in parallel hesitate to ask the help and the advice of their trainers.
* Trainees should be aware that the study of languages in general and the english language in particular and to be skillful in them is an obligation dictated by the universal and the local geographical, social, historical and economical contexts the influence of which we live under. 

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